Where I’ve Been

It took a while, but here’s the map of all the places I’ve ever been! Beside those I forgot of course. The majority of them is Europe, as I grew up and currently live there. I had two major feelings while compiling this map.

The first one came from facing the immense blank void that still remains after carefully planting all the pins. Digging through your memories to pull out all those places is a tiring effort… and once you’re done, the picture looks still hopelessly empty, especially when you zoom in.

The second one is that after all, a lot of the geographical traveling experience is still left out. These are individual dots, but many of my travels actually occurred in a “seamless” fashion. Think about the Amsterdam to Paris bicycle tour or the three-week Everest trek.

Let’s see how much and in how long I’ll manage to fill the gaps!

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