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Middelburg is Another CDT (Cute Dutch Town)

Published on 19/02/2014 By Fabio

Middelburg is the sleepy capital of Zeeland, the region best known for having given its name to New Zealand. I’ve cycled there during my journey to Paris. This is a nice shot of the cathedral of Middelburg, which is another Dutch town where you can never be sure about what’s crooked, the houses or the towers.

middelburg is another dutch town

Amsterdam to Paris, Check!

Published on 21/07/2012 By Fabio

Hi all, long time no see! I left you at the beginning of my bike tour from Amsterdam to Paris, almost three monts ago already! No worries, I have safely come back home since then, only the blogging seems to have suffered from it. I’ll maybe go over it in another post. Here I just want to share a tiny selection of my two-wheeled adventure through the unforgiving spring of 2012!

amsterdam paris bike touring beginning


The Blog is Bike Touring!

Published on 27/04/2012 By Fabio

Hey all — the blog is temporarily in standby as I’m currently bike touring in the south of the Netherlands, destination Belgium and beyond!
This picture is me riding on one of the massive Dutch dikes in their southernmost region, Zeeland, which is what ‘New Zealand’ got its name from.

bike touring holland zeeland dike 322

What can I say… I’m feeling awesome! After the first days my body is getting in shape and strolling freely through this amazing land is priceless. The bicycle is definitely an amazing way of exploring the world, even better than walking.

I’ve been busy enough and lazy enough not to schedule any posts for the forthcoming weeks, but I’ll be sending out updates more frequently on my facebook page, so “like” it in case you haven’t yet, and I wish you all a fantastic month of May!