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The Eye; or, The Modern Film Museum

Published on 29/05/2013 By Fabio

Once upon a time, in Amsterdam, there was a Film Museum in the Vondelpark. Born as a movie theater, it also held lectures, exhibitions and debates around the movie art. I’ve been there a few times before the entire museum was moved to a flashy new building in 2012. If you’re curios, one article celebrates the old film museum in lomgraphy. Here we’ll talk about the new one.

amsterdam eye film museum


Vondelpark Blue

Published on 31/03/2012 By Fabio

Some time ago I published a few takes on some of Vondelpark’s colors, green, yellow and red. I couldn’t foresee that another color would have sprung up, but here it is: the entire Vondelpark has shifted to a deep, electric blue.

amsterdam vondelpark blue steve mcqueen street


Vondelpark Green

Published on 10/12/2011 By Fabio

vondel park green

As the winter approaches, let’s remember those warm summer days. When green is the only color you can see around you.

Vondelpark Yellow

Published on 08/11/2011 By Fabio

vondelpark yellow

Yellow is a rare color in urban landscapes. Its only hopes are shop signs, ad posters, fancy clothes or original bikes. Autumn is the only season that concedes Yellow a moment of glory, letting it invade every tree-lined street and, above all, the city parks.