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Through the Autumn Mist

Published on 27/11/2013 By Fabio

Hi peeps, this one that you see today has been the last ride of 2012. Autumn was in full swing but it already felt like winter. I took the train to Woerden, where I started another bike ride from, and then rode back to Amsterdam. It was misty, damp and very cold.

bike ride through the autumn mist tower somewhere

Here follows the interactive route. Open the post on the website if you want to see it but can’t see it in your email / RSS feed.

Bike route 1907392 – powered by Bikemap 


After Work Ride to Enkhuizen

Published on 11/09/2013 By Fabio

Among the best things of the Netherlands are the super long days that we get in spring and summer. During such times, there are still 4 or 5 hours of full sunlight available after office hours!

Those are the days when you can just leave for a bike ride after work and stretch out as far as you wish. Like this ride of mine to Enkhuizen, a town 70 km north of Amsterdam!

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I left around 18 and arrived there around 22, so four hours time, including the dinner break in Hoorn (point B on the map), where I had cycled once with my friend Emanuele in 2008. Back then, with a regular city bike! I entered into town at the same wind-rideen spot along the sea where we did 4 years before. The seagulls were holding firmly their positions on the poles.

bike ride after office riide hoorn steven seagull


The Quest for Gina Pronk

Published on 21/08/2013 By Fabio

“Who is Gina Pronk?”, you’re probably wondering. That is what I also wondered for a long time.

1. The Book

When in Australia, I had bought a little book in a second-hand bookshop: a Dutch novel printed in 1961 whose yellowed pages carry the smell of time. I wrote about this story in my post The Surfing End. The first thing you see as you open the book is a dedication that lies peacefully there since the 13th of April 1961. It says “With the best wishes for the future”.

stad van mijn hart dedication


A Solo Bike Night Out

Published on 07/08/2013 By Fabio

Ladies and gentlemen: I’m going to describe the very first night out alone as a touring cyclist. This ride was the ‘equipment test’ before leaving for my bike journey from Amsterdam to Paris. Check how stylish my bike looked like when fully loaded for the very first time.

bike ride a solo bike night out equipped bike

This below is the complete route, 46 km over two days. If you are reading in an email or in your RSS feed, open the post on my blog online!

Bike route 1526793 – powered by Bikemap