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The Old Waters Next to Gouda

Published on 17/04/2013 By Fabio

The bike ride I’ll talk about today was the first bike ride of 2012. As tradition wants, it was the ride to go to the birthday party of my friend in Rotterdam!

Bike route 1420900 – powered by Bikemap 

I left at 8am in the morning, it was still darkish. Soon I was cycling down the Amstel river, the light was dim and the air was crisp.

bike ride the old waters next to Gouda bike at the amstel


How to Weigh Cheese

Published on 05/04/2012 By Fabio

holland gouda cheese weighting

Because I know you have always wondered how to weigh cheese, I’m posting the information that you need: this bas-relief shows you how it’s done. And yes, it appears on a building in Gouda. Maybe I should start a blog about Gouda.

Gouda, The Cheesy Town

Published on 01/02/2012 By Fabio

Cheese is one of the legal things that Holland is known for. The round, yellow, tasty cheese that everyone knows and that one can imagine fired off ancient ship cannons instead of metal balls.

Gouda is the Dutch town that competes with a couple others for the primacy of cheese. Our expectations upon visiting it didn’t span much further that, but it admittedly surprised us with a few unexpected jewels, and our time in Gouda was chilly yet super nice. Read on to find out why.

gouda cheese 1