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Goodbye Chile

Published on 24/07/2013 By Fabio

Hi all, I wrote this post at the beginning of 2011, when I had just come back from my 6 months travel around the World. Things got in the way and I never published it. Hope you enjoy it.

Hola amigos, I thought I’d create a post to write a few more remarks about my experience in Chile that didn’t find room in the previous entries.

  • Toilets have low sinks. Actually a lot of furniture is quite low–chairs, tables and kitchens alike.

  • Most apartments use still a gas bottle for the heater. The way to get a new one is very funny: you order a gas bottle on a shiny modern web-site, and a few hours later it gets delivered like this!

gas delivery chile


The Elevators of Valparaiso

Published on 26/06/2013 By Fabio

Another post from my time in Chile, written in 2011. This is the closing episode of the trilogy started with The Walls of Valparaiso and The Dogs of Valparaiso.

Here we are: the last chapter of the Valparaiso trilogy. The topic will be… (drumroll!) … its Elevators!

Built long time ago to help the lazy rich climb up the hills, they still take you all the way up for an insignificant price. Some of them do it almost vertically! This is the view from the elevator that used to take me to my friend Mauro’s bakery shop & house.

valparaiso elevators view from above


Café con Piernas

Published on 10/04/2012 By Fabio

(Note: I wrote this more than one year ago, when I was in Chile)

My Chilean time is coming to an end. In a few more days I will leave this amazing country, of which I have seen nothing but a glimpse.

During my last days in Santiago I followed the suggestion of a friend of mine and went to a Café con Piernas, literally “Café with Legs”. These Chilean bars are venues where everything revolves around one thing: the waitresses’ legs. After hearing many things about it and reading a couple more, I decided that I wanted to check it out. So I involved Paulina, a Chilean friend: she had never been there herself and found the idea exciting, so we met one afternoon and went for it. We struggled a bit to find the one we were looking for, but finally made our triumphant entrance in the “Blacks II”.

cafe con piernas


The Walls of Valparaiso

Published on 15/10/2011 By Fabio


With this post I am beginning a trilogy on Valparaiso. I want to give focus to three very important charachteristics of this unique place. The first one I’ll look at are its walls. Please comment and link other resources on the topic, if you have any! Also, if you guess right what the following topics will be you’ll earn a mention (with link if applicable!) in the next posts!

In one of my first writings about this city, I mentioned its student soul. That is probably the main reason behind the fact that everywhere is color and graffiti art.

valparaiso graffiti green owl

You won’t see many messy, improvised patchworks. Most of the walls display well-thought compositions which probably required a lot of work.

valparaiso graffiti avenida alemana