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The Making of Another Polder

Published on 30/10/2013 By Fabio

Hey hey, just a quick-ride to share with you a couple of new discoveries just in my back-yard. I rode again to IJburg, the latest artificial island development in Amsterdam, an area of incredible novelty and experimentation.

Approacing it from another “entrance”, I was able to spot the bridge that I crossed in this other bike ride. Definitely a nice bridge!

the making of a polder2 ijburg bridge


The Flower Sunset

Published on 02/10/2013 By Fabio

As I explained in my previous bike ride, the summer season allows plenty of bike rides after office hours because the days get so long. One sunny day, we decided to cycle to the seaside with my friend Bert, the same I conquered Marken with!

This time around, this incredible sunset was our ultimate reward.

bloemendaal beach cyclist at sunset


After Work Ride to Enkhuizen

Published on 11/09/2013 By Fabio

Among the best things of the Netherlands are the super long days that we get in spring and summer. During such times, there are still 4 or 5 hours of full sunlight available after office hours!

Those are the days when you can just leave for a bike ride after work and stretch out as far as you wish. Like this ride of mine to Enkhuizen, a town 70 km north of Amsterdam!

View Larger Map

I left around 18 and arrived there around 22, so four hours time, including the dinner break in Hoorn (point B on the map), where I had cycled once with my friend Emanuele in 2008. Back then, with a regular city bike! I entered into town at the same wind-rideen spot along the sea where we did 4 years before. The seagulls were holding firmly their positions on the poles.

bike ride after office riide hoorn steven seagull


The Making of A Polder

Published on 10/07/2013 By Fabio

Have you ever wondered how polders are born? For those of you who might not know, a polder is drying the hell out of a water area (such as a lake or portion of the sea). The Netherlands boost some 3000 polders.

the making of a polder

In the picture above you can see the basic of polder creation: a ship fully loaded with dirt positions itself and starts dumping it into the water. Easy-peasy. The process is repeated until you create an artificial lake, to be later drained.