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The Making of Another Polder

Published on 30/10/2013 By Fabio

Hey hey, just a quick-ride to share with you a couple of new discoveries just in my back-yard. I rode again to IJburg, the latest artificial island development in Amsterdam, an area of incredible novelty and experimentation.

Approacing it from another “entrance”, I was able to spot the bridge that I crossed in this other bike ride. Definitely a nice bridge!

the making of a polder2 ijburg bridge


The Dandy Warhols in Concert

Published on 23/10/2013 By Fabio

the dandy warhols in concert

About 15 years ago, like all teenagers of those times (?), I was in love with the keyboard player of the American band ‘The Dandy Warhols‘. As time went by, I found that she could range from hot to way-less-hot according to the photographer. Anyways, last year I dragged my friend Albert to see a concert of them, a last-minute thing arranged in Amsterdam as one of their German dates had been canceled.

The concert was more pleasant that I’d have expected, but unfortunately I had grown up in the meantime. This video below is one of their coolest songs to date.

With Love From Amsterdam

Published on 04/09/2013 By Fabio

with love from amsterdam

This is a graffito in Amsterdam, its location is a tunnel close to my place. It’s part of a whole group of graffiti made on the same day, I witnessed the whole thing! This is probably my favourite, I even put it into a calendar I created for my friends and family. The tunnel is here in case you want to check it out.

The Quest for Gina Pronk

Published on 21/08/2013 By Fabio

“Who is Gina Pronk?”, you’re probably wondering. That is what I also wondered for a long time.

1. The Book

When in Australia, I had bought a little book in a second-hand bookshop: a Dutch novel printed in 1961 whose yellowed pages carry the smell of time. I wrote about this story in my post The Surfing End. The first thing you see as you open the book is a dedication that lies peacefully there since the 13th of April 1961. It says “With the best wishes for the future”.

stad van mijn hart dedication