always brush your teeth

Brushing teeth in Santiago Airport.

The Author

Always brush your teeth, after every meal, no matter where you are. All my friends know about this little fixation of mine. The picture on the left depicts me doing it in the airport of Santiago, Chile. I have A LOT of such pictures.

My name is Fabio Tiriticco and Amsterdam is my current home. I am originally from Rome, and what I miss the most from Italy are the mountains. I bet you would have guessed the weather or the food. I left my home country shortly after my graduation, driven by the sole taste for adventure. That wasn’t my first international relocation experience, though: in 2004 I had spent one semester in France in an university exchange program.

It was exactly then that I started to write about my travels and lifestyle. Over the years, everybody who read my stuff always found it very inspiring, and this eventually led me tp make the leap to blogging about it. The key to the understanding of my blog and ideas is the idea of thinning down the distinction between travelling and living.

watermelon boat

Building a watermelon boat in Amsterdam.

The concept of Famsterdam Life

What made my writings inspiring was my attitude that even when I am for longer periods in one place, I never stop considering it an exceptional event, just like we always do in any journey. My research in this direction was triggered when I acknowledged the enthusiasm that comes along with traveling and wondered if there was a way to embed the same energy, together with the richness of the travel experience, in everyday life as well.

Famsterdam Life is zest for life, in whichever form it may come. It’s a lifestyle ideal which makes my life worth living. How such a model goes from the “ideal” to our everyday living, well that’s different for everyone. But – good news! – there are a few common denominators which can apply to anyone.

The word “Famsterdam” comes from the blend of “Fabio” and “Amsterdam”, which is the city where it all started to come together.

tingboche nepal buddhist monastery

At at Buddhist monastery in Nepal.

The goal of this blog

The ultimate goal is to connect with the world and share ideas that can help one improve his life. This blog is the medium to share tips, enthusiasm, but above all inspiration. I achieve this in mainly two ways.

The first is to provide inputs and share ideas about my Famsterdam Life concept, exploring how this can apply to anyone. To this extent, the contribution and participation of readers is essential, so please share your comments and views!

The second way is to tell its positive outcome on my life, describing the adventures and feelings it leads me to live. This is the exemplification of how principles transform in concrete outcomes — always with the right dose of funny unpredictable!

Join this blog and the community around it, and help shape our Famsterdam Lives.