A Solo Bike Night Out

Ladies and gentlemen: I’m going to describe the very first night out alone as a touring cyclist. This ride was the ‘equipment test’ before leaving for my bike journey from Amsterdam to Paris. Check how stylish my bike looked like when fully loaded for the very first time.

bike ride a solo bike night out equipped bike

This below is the complete route, 46 km over two days. If you are reading in an email or in your RSS feed, open the post on my blog online!

Bike route 1526793 – powered by Bikemap 

Packing stuff is a crucial activity, and even though it was going to be one simple night out, I wanted it to be 100% adherent to what the real journey would be like.

bike ride a solo bike night out panniers

I had chosen a camping just outside of Haarlem, roughly at the 26th kilometer on the map. I’d been on this route before, yet I managed to take a couple of wrong turns, hence the funny map pattern around km 15. The weather was quite pleasant and the sun was still high on the horizon as I entered the camping.

Can you recognize my tent? It’s the one I bought with Guido in Punta Arenas, in the Chilean Patagonia, and that we used in our 3-day hike in the trekking in Torres del Paine national park!

bike ride a solo bike night out tent

That night I cooked on my camping stove, tried out all possible ways to lock the bike, tested my night equipment and slept like a baby, alone in my tent, with the lulling sound of the rain outside.

The morning exercise of folding everything back again was equally important in the learning process. Here I am ready to hit the road back after everything had been packed again. I gained a lot of useful insights with such a drill-ride. Therefore, a final advice: don’t leave for a long trip without having done yours.

bike ride a solo bike night out morning after

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