The Ice in Amsterdam

Winter is gone–long life to the winter! Spring is here and we’re all happy about it, and maybe this makes an excellent moment to think back for one second to the historical past winter. Just like I did with the mist, this time around I’ll look at all the ice we had.

Temperature reached a rare low. Amsterdam enjoyed the coldest night of the last 75 years (-22 Celsius!) and all the exposed water froze into thick skating ways. Despite the cold, it felt so special that everyone skated, walked or some even cycled on the canals. It was really epic.

ice in amsterdam niewumarket skating

On our stroll on Keisersgracht we talked to an blissful old man who lives right there: he told us that only twice he had seen anything like that before. Kids were obviously enjoying it the most, and the Seven Bridges of Reguliersgracht seemed the perfect spot.

ice in amsterdam reguliersgracht skating

And geese enjoyed a skate too!

ice in amsterdam jesus goose

For a moving impression of how busy the canals were, check out this icy video from my friend Amstersam.

And actually, canals were not the only thing that froze up! The park closest to my place is Oosterpark. Its lakes and water streams were completely solid. To add to the magic, it had also heavily snowed on top of it, making the frozen lake and the surrounding soil blend seamlessly into each other–hadn’t you known where the lake was, you wouldn’t have found it!
I think a lot of us came to this conclusion: if cold has to be, then I’d rather choose for this full-on icy cold than for the wet and windy gray weather, which unfortunately seems to be far more popular up there over the clouds…

ice in amsterdam frozen lake

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