The Mist in Amsterdam!

Have you ever lived surrounded by the thickest fog for one week? That’s exactly what happened to the Amsterdam’s population last week, for the entire week. I’m not sure I’d seen such a solid fog before, steam sauna aside. Not at sea level at least. Buildings appeared spooky and their shapes were unclear.

amsterdam spooky windmill mist

Especially at night, the fog was so thick and cold that it almost felt like riding in the water, and the street lamps created fascinating light games. Sure, upon arriving home there would be water dripping from your clothes!

amsterdam spooky street mist

amsterdam spooky library mist

It feels very strange to move through fog. All references that you might use in your usual orientation are gone. Like towers or bridges in the distance, you don’t see any of that. The horizon comes closer and closer, and it moves with you like a bubble. You can mentally visualize everyone’s bubble and imagine the colliding bubbles of two people walking towards each other.

Ships become sublime. Their shape is the only visible feature, and you can see them vaguely swing in their perpetual floating.

amsterdam spooky boat mist

It was a very special week, very different. But do you actually want to know the most beautiful moment of that week? Seeing the Sun again at its end.

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