Bike Ride through the Tulips

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Because spring in Holland is just amazing.

Unconventional Kid Carrying

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Can you spot the kid in this picture?

haarlem unconventional kid carrying

Eye For An Eye

Paris, la ville lumière. After my bike journey from Amsterdam to Paris, I spent one week in the city, staying at different friends and exploring the various arrondissements. One of the most impressive museums that I visited was, of course, the Louvre.

Blogging about the Louvre is an impossible task, one can maybe select a few things and write about them, like I already did once with The Fall of Icarus. This time around, I’d like to write a bit about one of the pieces in there which captured me the most: the Code of Hammurabi.

art eye for an eye entire hammurabi stele zoom

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Middelburg is Another CDT (Cute Dutch Town)

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Middelburg is the sleepy capital of Zeeland, the region best known for having given its name to New Zealand. I’ve cycled there during my journey to Paris. This is a nice shot of the cathedral of Middelburg, which is another Dutch town where you can never be sure about what’s crooked, the houses or the towers.

middelburg is another dutch town